Margaret Meloni

Margaret is Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Engaged Buddhist Alliance (EBA), an endeavor that allows her to integrate her experience in Fortune 500 management, her skill as an award-winning instructor and her desire to promote compassionate behavior.

Meloni Coaching

Venerable De Hong

De is Co-Founder of The Engaged Buddhist Alliance (EBA). He teaches classes at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison. De has been a Buddhist monk of the Vietnamese and Chinese Pure Land traditions for more than eight years. He has recently joined the Burmese’s Theravada tradition of the Mahasi lineage since August 2014. De has an MA in Buddhist Studies and will graduate with a Ph. D. in Buddhist Studies in May 2015 from University of the West.

Manling Li

Manling is a third year M.Div student at University of the West and is practicing the Thai Forest Tradition. She helps facilitate classes taught at Taft Correctional Institution.